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Leopardwood & Mahogany Jewelry Box

2-3/4" diameter

3" height

A small jewelry box suitable for rings, earrings and necklaces, or for any cherished item.  Turned on a wood lathe by hand,  it was then given several coats of a non-toxic hand wiped finish.  After curing, the finish was sanded to a bright rubbed sheen followed by a coat of non-toxic wax polish.



Turned Lidded Jewelry Box

  • Turned from a single piece of leopardwood, and  single piece of mahogany.

  • Care for your jewelry box is very simple. It should be kept out of direct sunlight to protect the wood from fading or darkening. It can be wiped occasionally with a cotton polishing cloth (included).  Please do not wash your jewelry box with water,  and keep it away from areas subject to high humidity, such as bathrooms.  Wood is apt to swell with prolonged exposure to moisture,  and this will effect the fit of the lid.


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