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Framed Veneer Mosaic

9-3/4" diameter


A framed,  wood veneer mosaic meant for display.    Anigre and sapele veneers are cut and assembled into a mosaic pattern, glued and pressed onto a basswood lumber core panel, and finished with french polish, all by the artist.  

"Spinning Cubes and Star"

  • French polish is a type of hand applied shellac.  It is a traditional, high quality furniture finish, of great clarity and shine, and it is non toxic.

    Many thin coatings of shellac are rubbed on to the wood surface using a special pad charged with shellac, denatured alcohol and a lubricant, followed by a light rubbing of denatured alcohol alone to remove any remaining oil ("spiriting off"). To produce a bright rubbed sheen, I abrade the finished surface with steel wool and pumice.  A final coat of wax polish protects the finish.

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