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Mosaic plate

10-3/4" diameter

7/8" height


A decorative wooden mosaic plate meant for display.   It is a walnut plate,  inlaid with a solid sapele banding that surrounds an anigre veneer cube mosaic.  The bottom of the plate has an anigre veneer sunburst mosaic.  After multiple hand applications of shellac,  it was hand sanded to produce a bright rubbed sheen.  A final coat of non-toxic wax polish protects the finish,  and is hand buffed to give the plate a silky feel when handled.

"Shimmering Cube"

  • Hand applied shellac is a traditional, high quality furniture finish.  It is non toxic.  Shellac should not be exposed to substances containing alcohol, since this is the medium that the shellac flakes are dissolved in for application.

    All hardwoods have defects, such as pitch pockets, mineral stains and so forth,  that are only revealed as the plate is being turned on the lathe.  I only offer plates where these features, as I see it,  add to the character of the piece.  That being said, you know best what you find appealing.  Should you decide to special order one of these plates, I will provide various angle views in the photo section of the finished piece so that you may see if it meets your approval before the final purchase.  

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