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Cherry-sapele bicolor hardwood bowl

6-3/4" diameter

2-3/4" height



A decorative wooden bowl meant for display, it is composed of two different hardwoods,  cherry and sapele, glued together as a three piece assembly, and turned to an open curve profile.  The interior of the bowl lip is slightly undercut.  After the application of four coats of non-toxic finish, it was hand sanded to produce a medium rubbed sheen.  A final hand application of a non-toxic wax polish protects the finish and gives the bowl a silky feel when handled.

Ringed Bowl

  • Cherry hardwood often has pitch pockets and mineral stains that are only revealed as the bowl is being turned on the lathe.  I only offer bowls where these features, as I see it,  add to the character of the piece.  That being said, you know best what you find appealing.  Please,   look closely at the various angle views of the bowl in the photo section to see if it meets your approval.  

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