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Cherry-anigre bicolor hardwood bowl

5-1/8" diameter

4" height



A decorative wooden bowl meant for display, it is composed of two different hardwoods, cherry and anigre, glued together as a five piece assembly,  then turned to a open curve outer profile.  It was also turned to accept an applied cherry hardwood foot.  After the application of four coats of non-toxic finish, it was hand sanded to produce a medium rubbed sheen.  A final hand application of a non-toxic wax polish protects the finish and gives the bowl a silky feel when handled.

Bicolor bowl

  • Anigre veneer was laminated between three cherry hardwood blanks then turned on the lathe.

    The bottom of the bowl was tenoned, and a cherry foot with a matching mortise was glued on, and turned to a tapered profle.  This was done to reinforce the area where the anigre laminations meet the bottom of the bowl.  But it also lifts the bowl off the surface it is standing on, which is a pleasing effect.

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