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My background in art is of a practical

nature.  I spent forty years, self-

employed or employed by others, as

a cabinetmaker and furnituremaker.

During this time, I learned the

various skills of a woodworker,

including how to turn wood on

the lathe, and how to do

architectural and furniture veneer

work. This latter specialization

involved the application

of fine hardwood

veneers to architectural woodwork, 

such as doors, paneling and cabinetry, and geometric designs

in wood applied to fine furniture.

Creating veneer mosaics was always

the most enjoyable part of this work,

and so I continue with it today as a

decorative artist.

James Robert Goforth

To see my work in person:

Visit Studio 24

Spanish Village Art Center

1770 Village Place

Balboa Park

San Diego, California 92101



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